27 November 2008

Menyahut cabaran xeaa...

Mcm2 ah adik aku sorang ni (xeaa) .. ader ke dier suruh aku jawab semua soalan2 ni... Dalam keadaan 'blur' kepala otak nak fikir presentation esok (assg. for English Enhancement Programme)..ku gagahi jua, menjawab semua soklan2 di bawah....

1. What are you wearing?
- New free T-Shirt (EEP) n white boxer....

2. What did you do last night?
- Sleep with smile on face...

3. Favorite Memory with significant other?
- Travel with someone that I really love....

4. Last gift received?
- EEP T-SHirt

5. Describe the last picture you were in?
- Winning The KSS Bowling Tournament...

6. Last thing you ate?
- KFC Snack Plate.

7. Last thing you drank?
- Plain Water.

8. What kind of underwear are you wearing?
- White boxer.

9. What was your best vacation?
- Malacca, Malacca, Malacca (dating, meet the parent and engagement)

10. What are you most looking forward to in the next vacation?
- Romantic Island of Bali (honeymoon)

11. What is happening around you?
- ader bunyi ceramah dari bilik sebelah... all of my house mate sleep already...

12. What is your shoe size?
- 8

13. Last event you dressed up for?
- Masturina Wedding...

14. What is the most cheap thing you bought?
- I have no idea...

15. What is the most expensive thing you have on right now?
- Most of the thing is expensive right now...

16. What is your favorite smell?
- My new Teddy's Dream Fragrant Oil...

17. Is there something you really want to buy right now?
- Suzuki Swift

18. What are your nicknames?
- zul, zue, mie and yie .... some of my uncle call me Zeri....

19. What are your plans for today?
- Tido (almost 12 am right now)

20. Describe your friendster picture.
- MC for Head Deparment Award Day...

21. Describe your myspace picture.
- Tak de masa nak join..

22. Describe your facebook picture.
- Emmm...not interested

23. What did you do last weekend?
- Kerje...kerje...kerje

24. Favorite brand of clothes?
- Padinni

25. What is your ringtone?
- Sweet Dreams.....(dah 2 tahun pakai ringtone ni)

Ok...harap xeaa puas hati ek....


1 comment:

Xeea said...

wah, baliiiiii
here i come!!!!!!

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